Your guitar wont play or sound its best until we set it up. Period.


Tired of that kid at guitar world adjusting on your guitar? 

A set up is the first and most important thing to have done to your guitar, but it must be done by a trained Luthier! Legacy luthiers have hundreds of hours of training, years of experience and are among the best in the world! A set up from Legacy will improve the playability and the sound of your instrument.


More than just a guitar


The guitars that come out of the Legacy workshop have been meticulously worked on for months before ever making a sound. We promise it's worth the wait.
There's nothing quite like a guitar that you've seen from beginning to completion- everything from picking the wood, shape, and even sound profile.

Contact us to start work on your dream guitar now.


Playing a guitar just not enough?
We got you covered.


Build your dream guitar or bass, acoustic or electric. Learn the art of lutherie and enjoy the unique satisfaction that comes from playing an instrument you built by hand! No woodworking skill or experience required, Legacy luthiers will guide you every step of the way.
Small classes are scheduled throughout the year, contact us for more information.
One on One classes are available also.